Anders Vestergaard Discography

2024 Pladsen with Blomsten percussion quartet (Aar & Dag)
2024 Propeller solo (Superpang)
2023 Browser with Baujillaud (Abstract Tits)
2023 Nocturnal with Jesper Zeuthen & Jacob Anderskov (ILK)
2023 Necromancy with Marcela Lucatelli & Lars Pilgaard DL (Abstract Tits)
2023 How it is now with Girls in Airports LP/DL (Kaja Records)
2021 A Vision of a Dragon's Head with Baujillaud LP/DL (Abstract Tits)
2021 Leap with Girls in Airports & Aarhus Jazz Orchestra LP/DL (Kaja Records)
2021 The Taffy Galaxies with Erik Kimestad LP (no label)
2020 Ecstatic Embrace with Jesper Zeuthen & Jacob Anderskov LP/DL (ILK)
2020 Dive with Girls in Airports LP/CD/DL (Mawi Music)
2019 Chiasm with Evan Parker & Kinetics CD/DL(Clean Feed)
2019 Prime Float/Unitary Perfect Incense/DL (ANYINES)
2019 Ssdsdsd as a placeholder with Y Laz Yungster (Taku Unami & Niklas Adam) DL (Abstract Tits)
2019 Saint Erme with Finn Loxbo CD/DL (GIKT)
2018 Integrationer with Niklas Adam Flexidisc boxset (BIN)
2018 I’m fine with the swirling colors with Finn Loxbo LP/DL (GIKT)
2018 Out of the Spectacle with Jesper Zeuthen & Jacob Anderskov LP/DL (ILK)
2018 Gloss with Yes Deer LP/DL (BeCoq/Insula/Abstract Tits)
2017 Brother with Laser Nun LP (Insula Music)
2016 Candyprince with Boujeloud LP/DL (no label)
2016 Bichon Frisé with Bichon Frisé (Børre Mølstad, Danielle Dahl, Niklas Adam) DL (Abstract Tits)
2016 Eel LP/CD-r/DL(Insula Jazz/Abstract Tits/OOO Sound)
2015 Laser Nun with Laser Nun Tape (Insula Music)
2015 Get Your Glitter Jacket with Yes Deer LP/Tape/DL (Insula/BeCoq/Gaffer)
2014 The Talk Of Tennis with Yes Deer LP (Gaffer Records)
2014 Furry Mouth with Bravura in the Face of Grief CD-r/Fan poster (Abstract Tits)

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