Anders Vestergaard

Out Now:
Pladsen with Blomsten percussion quartet (Aar & Dag)
Propeller solo (Superpang)
Browser with Baujillaud (Abstract Tits)
Nocturnal with Jesper Zeuthen & Jacob Anderskov (ILK)


Anders Vestergaard is a drummer, composer and improviser. Anders has toured worldwide and is a part of the bands Yes Deer, Baujillaud, Girls in Airports, Jesper Zeuthen / Jacob Anderskov / Anders Vestergaard, Blomsten and Laser Nun and has more than 40 releases on different labels. He also works as a solo artist and has released 3 solo albums (Eel 2016, Prime Float/Unitary Perfect 2019 and Propeller 2024). Besides his steady bands he has collaborated with artists such as Evan Parker, Michiyo Yagi, Lucas Abela, Marcela Lucatelli, Taku Unami and Toshimaru Nakamura, and has performed at festivals such as Sound of Stockholm, Roskilde Festival, Taktlos Festival, AMR Festival, Mózg Festival, All Ears, COAX Festival etc. He also co-runs the label Abstract Tits with Aron Dahl.

andersvestergaard at protonmail punkt com