Anders Vestergaard · Propeller

Anders Vestergaard - Propeller

Propeller is the third album and latest sonic exploration by Copenhagen based drummer, composer, and improviser Anders Vestergaard. The album is due for release February 9, 2024 through the prolific Superpang imprint, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of experimental music.

Vestergaard boasts a substantial discography, having engaged in numerous collaborations with a diverse array of musicians, including Evan Parker, Taku Unami, and Marcela Lucatelli, and as part of bands such as Yes Deer, Baujillaud, Girls in Airports, and Laser Nun. His extensive practice is typically rooted in the realms of experimental jazz and improvised music, with a focus on instincts and a deep connection between mind and body.

On Vestergaard’s preceding two solo albums, the artist showcases the breadth of his oeuvre. The debut album eel was quiet and introspective, often more atmospherically abstract than rhythmic. Meanwhile, sophomore full length prime float // unitary perfect is a more outgoing affair, where Vestergaard delved into the ritualistic side of his rhythmic universe. Latter approach is extended into the new album Propeller, which consists of two hypnotic drum performances titled Pulse and Reflex. Describing the album, the artist states: “This is a physical ritual as much as an auditive one for me. The beats rise through my body on the basis of how it feels, what it needs to do… My pulse. My reflexes.”

The “body music” of Propeller alludes simultaneously to both club music in a broad sense as well as to ancient ritualistic sounds. Recorded by Jens Benz and co-produced with fellow drummer Anders Bach, the album is a testament to Vestergaard's unique approach to percussion. On the album, the drums are equipped with triggers, setting off synthesizers, filters, and further effects, creating a seamless fusion of organic drumming and electronic synthesis.

Propeller provides an immersive experience, where Vestergaard's drumming transcends boundaries of traditions, drawing from his body's own pulse and reflexes. The album showcases the intersection of ancient ritualism, contemporary club beats, and the artist's profound connection with his instrument.

Composition and drumming by Anders Vestergaard.
Recorded by Jens Benz.
Produced by Anders Bach and Anders Vestergaard.
Mixed by Anders Bach.
Mastered by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio.
Artwork by Tony Lugo
Cat. No.: SP194

Out on Superpang February 9th 2024.

Anders Vestergaard Photo By Mathias Kristensen